Juicy Detailing is the North Easts longest established detailing shop, opening the doors in 2009. Juicy detailing was started by Jen who found her passion for detailing by keeping her own vehicles in the best condition possible. 

Our introductory brand was Dodo Juice, which was a great success and so to grow we later added other great brands such and Chemical Guys, CarPro, and 3M to name a few.  

We have gone from strength to strength over the years, and made a point not to lose our initial goals, to supply a hand selected range of top quality products on the market. We are not a 'detailing warehouse' offing everything under the sun to the point where to struggle to find what you need. 

In 2014 we launched a new website to make the buying experience more in line with what was expected of the time, as our first website was now 5 years old and a little outdated.

In 2022 we moved to Team Valley Trading Estate, based within Custom LED who has been part of the car enthusiast community since opening in 2014. Here we have a walk-in store with all our products on display. We also launched a brand-new website.


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