Chemical Guys Metal Light - Shine & Polish 16oz


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Chemical Guys Metal Light - Shine & Polish 16oz

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Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish restores maximum shine to tarnished metal surfaces.
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Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish restores maximum shine to tarnished metal surfaces. The innovate formula restores shine to chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, billet, copper, brass, and precious metals. The light polishing formula creates a brilliant shine with minimal effort. Ultra-refined abrasives restore the mirror shine to polished metal surfaces. The easy-to-use cream polish works great on wheels, bumpers, exhaust tips, diamond plate, emblems, metal trim, and accents. The advanced cleaners remove light stains, oxidation, road tar, water spots, filth, and grime to reveal a show-winning shine. Light Metal Polish is non-caustic, non-toxic, and is safe for all metal surfaces. Light Metal Polish is blended with advanced sealants that help protect and maintain the lustrous new shine on any metalwork. The innovative sealant technology blocks out the harmful UV light, oxygen, water, and caustic pollution that tarnish, discolor, and ruin the bright reflection and shine from metal. Restore and protect a bright lustrous shine on metalwork with Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish. Polished metal shine is destroyed by elements like water, UV sunlight, oxygen, and pollution. When exposed to the environment, metal corrodes, oxidizes, and rusts away into trash. Hazy oxidation and corrosion looks bad, and can actually destroy metal if left unchecked. Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish restores lustrous shine to metals by cleaning away surface contamination and corrosion before it destroys the material. Light abrasives and specialty non-caustic cleaners remove stuck contamination and oxidation to restore shine and gloss. Use Light Metal Polish all around the car and home. Light Metal Polish safely restores stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, gold, silver, and other precious metals and alloys. Use Light Metal Polish to shine bumpers, emblems, trim pieces, watches, coins, cufflinks, and more. Use Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish to remove corrosion and contamination, and restore a deep reflection and shine to metal.
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Directions for use
Clean surface to be polished
Spread 3 – 6 dots of Light Metal Polish over a microfiber applicator pad
Rub Light Metal Polish into the metal piece vigorously
Restore metal surface to remove oxidation and road grime
Buff to a brilliant shine using a premium microfiber towel
Repeat as needed
For heavily oxidized metal, use Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish
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