Supernatural Wheel Cleaner (pH Neutral) 500ml

Supernatural Wheel Cleaner (pH Neutral) 500ml

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pH-neutral wheel cleaner for sensitive finishes and sealed wheels.
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Consumers often mistakenly assume ‘acid-free’ wheel cleaners are completely safe, when in fact they can often be extremely caustic. We have therefore formulated a genuinely pH-neutral wheel cleaner using neutralised acid salts and strong detergents, to create a wheel cleaner that’s about as safe as it gets (whilst still getting your wheels clean).

OK, it won’t refurbish wheels or clean them as well as the strongest products on the market, but for regularly cleaned and sealed wheels, or for wheels with very sensitive finishes (anodised, chrome etc.) then it’s the perfect choice.

If your rims cost half as much as your car (as is the case with some show cars) or you have a supercar with high-tech magnesium (or other specialist) wheels, why risk cleaning them with the cheapest and nastiest products around? It's better to clean more cautiously and kindly with Supernatural Wheel Cleaner than pay for a refurb - or replacement.
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