Supernatural Wash Mitt AKA "The Wookies Fist"

Supernatural Wash Mitt AKA "The Wookies Fist"

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Super soft, super thirsty wash mitt. Long deep pile for superior, scratch-free cleaning.

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The softest, largest wash mitt you’re ever going to find, with the longest, deepest pile. Hand made from genuine Merino wool.

Best used with large wash buckets as it likes to drink a lot of water every time you dunk. 100% natural with a proper sheepskin lining as well as sheepskin fleece, unlike the cheaper mitts - but beware - mitts as natural as this don't last forever... never allow the mitt to fully dry out (regular use is essential), never leave it immersed in water and keep it well away from washing machines and tumble driers.

A simple hand rinse and air dry, with a metal pet comb for detangling duties afterwards, is all it needs. And if worried about it becoming over-dry, keep it in the original zip-lock style bag and mist a little water in before sealing.

Care and maintenance instructions included.
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