Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths (2 Pack)

Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths (2 Pack)

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2 x microsuede anti-hologram cloths for final buffing.

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Very soft and with an ultra-short microsuede pile, these cloths are perfect for final stage, or secondary, buffing. Whilst the short pile means they would get saturated quickly during normal buffing, their softness, absorbency and short pile help remove oils and residues from the paint surface at the final buffing stages - largely preventing ‘oil holograms’, smearing or patchiness.

Recommended for use in combination with the Fantastic Fur or Supernatural Buffing Cloth (these are used for primary buffing, with a Microsuede Buffing Cloth for the final passes).

40x40cm size and machine washable.
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