Chemical Guys Ultra Fine BLACK UFO Wax Applicator


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Chemical Guys Ultra Fine BLACK UFO Wax Applicator

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Laser-cut, dura-foam applicators for your waxes and dressings
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The Black UFO Applicator Pad is the perfect choice for black and dark-colored cars. The soft foam applicator spreads the perfect coat of any premium Chemical Guys paste wax, cream wax, glaze, sealant, dressing, or conditioner over any surface of the car. A thin, even coat of wax produces better-looking and longer-lasting results with less waste than a thick and messy one. The premium finishing foam is ultra-soft, and will not install any swirls or scratches, or remove any paint on its own. The Ultra Fine Black UFO Applicator is the ideal choice for spreading an exquisite paste wax coating over sensitive paint finishes by hand. A slim saucer-shaped profile fits the UFO applicator pad comfortably into any detailer’s hand, large or small. Color-code UFO Applicator Pads to suit your own detailing needs and taste. Separate pads for use between paintwork, wheels, engine bays, interiors, and tires to avoid cross-contamination between sensitive materials like paintwork, leather, and greasy engine bays and rubber tires. UFO Applicator Pads are machine-washable and reusable to ensure dozens of reliable uses on any vehicle. Spread an out-of-this-world perfect finish over any vehicle surface with the premium UFO Black Foam Applicator Pad.
Dirty Vids
Directions for use
Prepare the surface with the appropriate cleaning/detailing/polishing steps first.
Prime the UFO Applicator Pad with 2 – 4 lines of preferred product.
Spread over the surface and work into a uniform, thin, and even coat over a large area.
Add 3 – 5 dots of product as needed and continue until the entire piece is coated as desired.
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