Juicy "Essential" Wash Kit

Juicy "Essential" Wash Kit

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The excellent Juicy 2in1 Lambswool Wash Mitt, Juicy Fluffy Towel and the sudtastic Chemical Guys Mr Pink Shampoo form the Essential Wash Kit from Juicy...

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The Juicy Essential Wash Kit is exactly that, the essential components you need to wash your vehicle - well, assuming you have water and buckets already of course!

Made up of the following:-

Juicy 2in1 Lambswool Mitt - Made from 100% Australian merino lambswool on one side and a durable nylon mesh on the other, this mitt gives you the best of both worlds. Use the merino side for your paintwork and the mesh side for removing stubborn deposits from glass and chrome. Just don't mix the sides up ;)

Juicy Fluffy Drying Towel - 24" x 36" of fluffy goodness. Long fibres are great for wicking away water whether you are a patter, a fluffer or a dragger. Taped edges to avoid scratching your paintwork.

Chemical Guys Mr Pink Superior Suds Shampoo - The latest in shampoo's from Chemical Guys can be diluted up to 1:4000 and still give fantastic performance! The high-foam, pH-balanced shampoo creates an extra-slick solution that lets your mitt glide over the paintwork, removing stubborn deposits without scratching or marring.

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