Menzerna Control Cleaner 500ml


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Menzerna Control Cleaner 500ml

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Designed for pre-cleaning and quick inspection of polishing areas - Panel Wipe
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Designed for pre-cleaning and quick inspection of polishing areas, Menzerna Control Cleaner's purpose is to remove residue from polishing, resulting in a flawless finish! Menzerna Control Cleaner has been created for a body shop or paint shop environment due to it being a water-based, silicone-free, and non-irritating product that can be used in a spray booth to remove dust left from compouding. The application is very straightforward thanks to the high-quality spray head, so even the least experienced detailer can't go wrong with this one! Any daily blemishes such as: Finger prints, dust and debris can be removed using Menzerna Control Cleaner, so if you're a bit of a perfectionist this product will serve you well.
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