Juicy Bucket 1

Juicy Bucket 1

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Fantastic kit containing a good selection of cleaning, polishing and protecting treatments, including your choice of Pete's 53 Wax or Jetseal 109 sealant.

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Kit contains: Bucket + Lid + Grit Guard; 1 x 1L Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel (REady to Use); 1 x 16oz EZ Glaze (An Acrylic based glaze that delivers a brilliant lustre and light cleaning ability.); 1 x 16oz Pro (P40) Detailer (with Carnuba); 1 x 16oz Maxi Suds II (a strong superior cleaning shampoo with the added benefit of super suds for the gentle wash.); 1 x 16oz New Look Trim Gel (BLACK FOREVER wet shine extended life gel-protects for months); 1 x Juicy Blue Fluffy Drying Towel 24" x 36"; 3 x Juicy Super plush Edgeless Microfibre; 1 x 2 pack Dodo Juice super fine Poly Clay; 16oz Jetseal 109 or Pete's 53 Wax. Please Inform Us Of Which Product You Would Prefer At The Checkout.

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