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Candy White Seat Leon FR 59

Stuart recently purchased a Candy White Seat Leon FR 59 plate which is a typical example of a a vehicle that has been washed using either automatic car washes or the cheap roadside services (yeah you know the ones I mean!). As he uses his car as a daily ride and time was limited Stuart was looking to enhance the look of the paintwork but aware that within the space of a day it would be quite difficult to achieve 90 to 95% correction of the paintwork.

Another slight difference to what we usually do is that Stuart wanted to help with the Enhancement and learn how to machine polish. Therefore prior to me working on the car he did the following:

Pre-wash using Juicy Snow foam, Rinsed, Washed using the 2 bucket wash method, a Dodo Juice Tribble Mitt lambswool wash mitt and Chemical Guys Maxi Suds Shampoo, Rinsed, Decontamined using Car Pro Trix which is a combination of iron fall out and tar removal and then clayed using yellow fine poly clay and Valet Pro Citrus Bling as lube. Rinsed and washed again using the above method and then finally dried using Supernatural Microfibre Drying Towel.

The car was taken inside our new detailing bay and paintwork evaluated and depths taken. Now generally white is quite a hard colour to see imperfections on however due to the state of this is was quite easy, again just a couple of photos as virtually the whole car was the same.

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Audi Sepang TTRS

Andrew (Abyss) collected his Sepang TTRS about a couple of months ago which we managed to get booked in for the second week in February. Now generally speaking he keeps the car looking immaculate, however this was how it arrived!

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Audi S3

You may remember back in December 2010 I mentioned in my blog that we purchased a 58 plate Audi S3 in black shapphire. At long last I have completed my mammoth detail and she is now once again a black beauty. This car has been my most mentally and physically challenging detail so far and redefined alot of the techniques that I have used in the past to adapt to make this one work.

Both Andrew and I were shocked with the state of the paintwork that we had seen in at showroom. It was agreed with the dealer that we got a reduced price and that we would collect the car unprepared from the garage, however they seemed to of ignored this last request. So here's the story of how the car has evolved over the last three months when I've have time inbetween running Juicy Detailing, working for DTUK, the house, the kids and the new black labrador pup!

Process started off as usual, Juicy snow foam, rinse, 2 bucket wash using Chemical Guys Maxi Suds Shampoo and a EuroW Lambswool wash mitt. For inside the doors, inside the petrol cap, around badges etc I used Juicy APC and a small detailing brush to get in all the nooks and crannies on the car, detared where required and then a final rinse

Leaving the car wet it was then clayed using a fine yellow poly clay bar and Juicy Lube, washed again using 2 bucket method and then brought in to the unit and dried using Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth Drying Towel.

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During our period of heaving snow here in Durham the Audi TTRS was garaged but unfortunately a neighbours cat decided to go in without us knowning....7 days later it was discovered

For those cat lovers (which I was before) it was fine, hungry but nothing else physically wrong.

As for the TTRS the cat has been putting it's cute little paws and claws all over and its now covered with some lovely scratches where its been jumping up off the floor on the the back and then the roof.

So I've been giving it some TLC and now it looks great....photos on white are always hard as the reflection on the paintwork affects the camera.

As the TT is rarely dirty there are no befores and I didnt have chance to take any close up of the scratches..sorry. Heres some after shots

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Herc's Astra with Celeste Dettaglio

I was asked by Ian aka Herc from Astra Owners Network to give his car some desperately needed tender loving care. As he works down in Milton Keynes during the week his black astra sri 1.9 150 was starting to look a little sad (partlicularly more so as he was making it just that extra little bit dirty for me before the detail).

So this is a few pictures of what the car looked like with the nice venom decals he added a while ago...

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