Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite 500ml

Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite 500ml

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Like Lime Prime, Lime Prime Lite contains powerful cleaning agents and glaze oils for slickness and gloss.

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It still smells limey and it still contains powerful cleaning agents and gloss-enhancing glazing oils. But Lime Prime Lite is a far gentler version of Lime Prime pre-wax cleanser with NO abrasives. We call it a 'cleaner glaze' and it's perfect for jewelling surfaces that need no further polishing (e.g. after they have been machined), or for using as a mild paint cleanser that will remove a wide range of contaminants without stripping the wax or sealant underneath.

Best used as a ‘wipe on, wipe off’ product, rather than left to dry. Please note - high oil content - do not use on porous UV/sun damaged paints due to the risk of patching/smearing.

Detailing newbies may prefer Basics of Bling Prep Polish or Supernatural Micro Prime, both of which are easier to apply but won't mar soft paint.
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