Dodo Juice Crudzilla TFR Concentrate (Refill) 500ml

Dodo Juice Crudzilla TFR Concentrate (Refill) 500ml

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The Crudzilla concentrate makes 5 litres of Crudzilla TFR.

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Traffic Film Removers are extremely strong cleansers designed to blitz contaminants at a pre-wash stage, so that the wash stage is made easier later on.

They are also very good at stripping old wax. Crudzilla is made from a blend of detergents, solvents and caustic cleaners and even unblocked the Dodo Juice sink just make sure you rinse thoroughly! Something this strong shouldn't be left on paint indefinitely. This concentrate makes 5 litres of ready to go TFR solution, mixed at 1:10 with water. Although it may work at lower concentrations (1:20, 1:40 etc).

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