Dodo Juice Clay Pad Kit (medium)

Dodo Juice Clay Pad Kit (medium)

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We've paired up the ""Born Slippy"" 500ml clay lube with Dodo Juice's ""Square Sponge Clay Pad"" and thrown in a FREE EuroW all purpose microfibre - Everything you need to prep your paintwork!!
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Born Slippy Clay Lube:

Dodo Juice Born Slippy is a sophisticated shampoo-based clay lube that's designed to offer high lubrication and cleansing but with minimal foaming. It's also good value when purchased as a refill – the concentrate dilutes 1:10 with water making it even cheaper per ml than a mass market quick detailer used by the trade for the same purpose.

Square Sponge Clay Pad:

A new concept in paint prep, these decon polisponges 'grab' embedded contaminants in a similar way to clay, but they can be cleaned during and after the detail (instead of being 'used up'). Effectively, it's reusable clay. No need to fold or throw away... they'll last dozens of cars before losing their effectiveness (making them potentially much more cost-effective than standard clay). To use, simply wet and lube a panel in the usual way, then glide the easily-held sponge over the panel, occasionally rinsing the clay pad in the rinse bucket. This fine grade clay pad is perfect for softer finishes but note that there is still a small marring risk (like with clay).

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