Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml

Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml

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The pre-wax cleanser that breaks all the rules.
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Before you wax, you may like to prime the paint… pre-wax cleansers and polishes remove dirt and watermarks left over from the wash stage, remove oxidisation and light swirl marks (especially if a machine polisher is used) and also enhance the finish through the action of glaze oils.

Lime Prime is one such product, and arguably 'best of breed' after having won Detailing World Polish Product of the Year in 2010. Supremely workable, it can be hand or machine applied with a little going a long way. It uses fine cut diminishing abrasives to gently hone the paint surface without troubling tough, modern clearcoats. And it smells limey, if you like limes.

Note that for soft Japanese clearcoats or classic cellulose paint finishes, Basics of Bling Prep Polish or Supernatural Micro Prime may be more suitable.

*Detailing World Polish Product of the Year 2010*
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