Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Panel Pot

Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Panel Pot

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With no added colour, white beeswax and coconut oil, Dodo Light may be a pale wax, but it's a strong performer. Easy to apply, by hand or foam applicator pad, it cures quickly and buffs off cleanly to leave behind a clear carnauba wax layer ready to impress you with its shine and beading. Suitable for light colour cars. Panel Pot, trial size.
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Here we have a Light Fantastic mini-jar, 30ml in capacity. It contains the same wax as Dodo Juice Light Fantastic 250ml, but in a smaller pot. A 30ml pot, to be precise. Enough wax to do a few panels on a large aircraft or a whole Mini nine times, but this does depend on whether you spread it on like a blind bricklayer or not.

Colour wise, this is neutral: so it's perfect for white, silver and other light coloured cars. And maybe get a finger mitt wax applicator at the same time - they're small enough to fit into these compact containers.
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