Cleaning a Soft Top

Cleaning your convertible's roof

The roof of a convertible is as prone to damage by contaminants as the rest of the car, but requires slightly special treatment. It is important to make note of what your soft top is made of, so that you can care for it in the appropriate way.

Most modern convertibles have a polyacrylic/polyester canvas roof, which is tightly woven, so is strong and durable but also breathable. It is important to note that these are usually supplied water-resistant although it is a simple process to make them waterproof.

Soft Top Cleaning Soft Top Cleaning



How to clean your soft topmicrofibre towels

It is important to check the ingredients of products before you use them on a soft top, as you need to use a shampoo without detergents, conditioners or gloss enhancers. Shampoos specifically for soft tops are available, although you may have a suitable shampoo already to hand.

You should use a soft brush for cleaning your soft top, a brush which is soft on human skin should be soft enough for the delicate canvas. Clean your soft top by agitating the shampoo and working it deep into the canvas to remove stains. For especially tough stains, you might need a stronger shampoo designed for soft top stain removal.

Rinse thoroughly, ideally using a hose.

Dry the soft top using a microfibre towel. Use the towel to dab it dry, as wiping can leave marks showing where the fibres have been flattened.

Soft Top Cleaning

How to clean your convertible's plastic window

Convertible plastic windows, if untreated, will yellow over time. Caring for these plastic windows is simple, they can be cleaned easily with a damp microfibre cloth. The window can then be protected from the elements by applying a high quality plastic polish.

Soft Top Cleaning

Waterproofing your soft top

Waterproofing your soft top not only makes it more practical for driving around in during the British summer, but will also make it more stain resistant.

To waterproof your soft-top you need to spray it with a protective, waterproofing spray. This needs to be done to a clean, dry roof. As the protective spray is difficult to remove from paintwork, it is best to protect the rest of your car by covering it with plastic sheeting.

Once your car is protected, spray the protective waterproofing spray evenly over the soft top. Allow to dry then apply another layer. The more layers you apply, the more water and stain resistant the roof will become.

Once the roof is protected, the water should bead as it does on well maintained paint.

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