Chemical Guys WHITE Wax


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Chemical Guys WHITE Wax

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Designed specifically for white colored paintwork

  • Maximum shine and clarity

  • Durable Protection Advanced UV Protection

  • Paintwork cleansing formula

  • Color enhancing technology

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About White
Experience the brightest shade of white. Chemical Guys White is the world’s most advanced wax formula specifically designed for white and light coloured paintwork. The innovative wax enhances the shine of white paintwork for a brilliant finish. Harmful UV solar rays can cause yellowing and discolouration to your vehicle’s white color. Chemical Guys White is engineered using advanced UV protective polymers to preserve the clarity and color of your vehicle. Chemical Guys White utilizes our patented Colour Enhancing Technology which magnifies the natural beauty of your paintwork for a vibrant shine with optical clarity. Our innovative White gently cleanses the paintwork while removing light stains, contamination, and yellowing to enhance brightness. White will reveal the brightest shade of white that will truly impress any detailing enthusiast.

Brightest shade of white
Chemical Guys White is an innovative wax designed to enhance and protect white coloured paintwork. Utilizing our patented Colour Enhancing Technology, White creates a brilliant shine while providing durable protection against the elements. White is formulated using a specialized blend of synthetic wax and super polymers to create a brilliant shine with superior clarity. The secret to creating maximum depth and clear reflections is the high-tech synthetic formula designed to enhance white coloured paintwork. White coloured vehicles are easily stained by water spots, industrial contamination, and pollution. Over several years, harmful UV solar rays can cause discolouration and yellowing of your white paintwork. Chemical Guys White creates a protective shield that helps prevent discolouration and fading of your paintwork using advanced UV protective polymers. Chemical Guys White cleanses light coloured paintwork to remove light stains and contamination to reveal the brightest shade of white. Chemical Guys White applies easily by hand or machine to create a bright shine that protects your vehicle’s finish. Chemical Guys advanced micro-cleansing formulation refines your paintwork for an even finish on all light colour vehicles. Experience the brightest shade of white with Chemical Guys White.
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