Chemical Guys "Vintage" HEAVY Metal Polish 16oz

Chemical Guys "Vintage" HEAVY Metal Polish 16oz

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Chemical Guys Vintage Heavy Metal Polish is a speciality metal polish designed to restore the brilliant shine to any metal surface. The all new Vintage Heavy Metal Polish is formulated with specialty cleaners to remove contamination and imperfections while restoring gloss and clarity.
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Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish is a specialty metal polish formulated to restore a brilliant shine to severely oxidized and tarnished metal surfaces. When polished metals are left out in the open, oxygen and sulfur in the air reacts with the surface of the metal. Much like rust, this tarnish affects the outermost layer of the metal with a chemical reaction that dulls its shine. Heavy Metal Polish is formulated with specialty metal cleaners that break down and release oxides, tarnish, and contamination to restore gloss and clarity to polished metal parts. Restore stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, silver, and gold metalwork, or even metallic coatings like chrome with a lustrous brilliant shine. The advanced protective polymers in Heavy Metal Polish removes stains and contaminants that dull the finish, and help block out oxygen that can lead to future oxidation. Heavy Metal Polish is perfect for polishing diamond plate, trim pieces, brightwork, engine components, exhaust tips, metal wheels, and precious metals on or off any car. Restore the original shine to bare polished metalwork with Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish.
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Directions for use
Shake well.
Clean surface.
Work Light Metal Polish into metal surface with a microfiber applicator pad.
Restore metal surface to remove oxidation and road grime.
Buff to a brilliant shine using a premium microfiber towel.
Repeat as needed.
For heavily oxidized metal, use Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish.
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