Chemical Guys V Range Polish and Compound Sample Set 4oz

Chemical Guys V Range Polish and Compound Sample Set 4oz

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V Range Sample set of compound and polishes
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Chemical Guys redefined the industry standard for polishes and compounds with the full complement of the V-Line. Not sure which polishing compound you need to get the job done? With the V-Line Sampler, professional and enthusiast detailers have access to heavy compounds for removing deep defects like scratches and swirl marks, and lighter polishes to restore pure reflection and glossy depth for unbelievably-shiny paint. Test the heavier V32 and V34 compounds on deep scratches, intense swirl marks, and oxidation to remove severe damage and restore reflection to the paint. After compounding, or when dealing with lighter swirl marks on a newer car, test out V36 and V38 to refine the gloss, shine, and clarity of the painted finish. Use the full V-Line Kit to restore paintwork, clear optical plastics on headlights and tail lights, wheel finishes, carbon fiber, and any other exterior car part that is shiny or clear. The refined micro-abrasives of the V-Line come in coarse compounding grits, and refined polishing grits that can remove wet-sanding marks with just a dual-action polisher. This unprecedented leap in polishing technology opens up professional-level paint correction and headlight restoration possibilities to enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike. Never guess: test and check to find the best polishing combination for any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or SUV with the Chemical Guys V-Line of polishing compounds.

1 x 4 oz Sample Bottle of V32 Optical Grade Extreme Compound
1 x 4 oz Sample Bottle of V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound
1 x 4 oz Sample Bottle of V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish
1 x 4 oz Sample Bottle of V38 Optical Grade Final Polish
Directions for use
Start by preparing the painted surface for polishing with a full wash and clay bar decontamination service. The surface must feel smooth as glass before attempting any polishing with an abrasive compound.

Polish a Test Spot to determine what combination of polishing machine, pads, and polishing compounds work best for your paintwork. Once you find a combination that works on the one spot, replicate the same process over the entire vehicle. Make adjustments if different panels respond differently to polishing.

Start with the least aggressive combination first. Only use more abrasive compounds and pads if the prior step did not remove the defects.
Try V36 on an Orange Hex-Logic Cutting Pad with a Dual Action Polisher.
If V36 removes the swirls and scratches, continue with a second pass over the vehicle with V38 and a White Polishing Pad if desired.
If V36 did not remove the scratches and swirls, try using V34 on the same Orange Hex-Logic Cutting Pad.
If V34 with Orange Cutting Pad did not work, try switching to a Black Optics Microfiber Cutting Pad and V36 Cutting Polish.
Continue with these adjustments until you find the best combination to restore clarity to the paintwork.
Make additional passes with appropriate finishing polishes and softer polishing pads until the paintwork is satisfactorily restored with shiny clarity.

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

A great little kit for the price
I bought this kit to remove some scuff marks on a couple of panels. The combination of V36 and an orange Hex pad on my DA polisher removed most of the marks after a couple of passes. The more stubborn ones were gone when I changed to V34.

The bottles are small but should be enough to do a car depending on how bad the damage to the paintwork
Review by Leonard / (Posted on 26/05/2020)
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