Chemical Guys Secondary Container Dilution Bottle with spout 500ml (pack 3)


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Chemical Guys Secondary Container Dilution Bottle with spout 500ml (pack 3)

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Heavy duty detailing bottles with a flip cap
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If you’re a professional detailer or hardcore enthusiast who goes through gallon jugs of wax, dressing, and protectant, you’re going to need some Secondary Container Dilution Bottles. These heavy duty detailing bottles with flip cap hold and distribute 16 ounces of your favorite detailing chemicals. Buy your favorite Chemical Guys cream wax, sealant, dressing, and gel protectant by the gallon, then pour into the clear secondary container bottle and get to work! Each of these bottles comes with a flip-cap and spout. Simply flip the red tab up to squeeze out any product, then flip it down to close it with a spill-proof seal. Chemical Guys Secondary Dilution Bottles come printed with GHS-compliant communication labeling for improved safety in your professional detailing shop or enthusiast garage setting. Easily mark the bottle to communicate the chemical name, and indicate any type of potential hazards and handling precautions for a safer work environment. Buying product in bulk by the gallon saves you money, and making your own bottles of wax, glaze, dressing, and protectant to take on any job site store in any garage is easy with the Chemical Guys Secondary Dilution Bottle With Spout Cap.
Directions for use
Use a permanent marker or felt-tip pen to list product name, contents, and any specific signal words, hazard statements, and precautionary statements the end user needs to know.
Fill desired detailing chemical to desired dilution ratio level found on the side of the bottle.
Top off the rest of the chart with clean, filtered water.
Adjust sprayer head and squeeze pump handle to spray product over the desired part.
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