Chemical Guys Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent Air Freshener 4oz


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Chemical Guys Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent Air Freshener 4oz

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This air freshener smells just like grape soda and is just enough to make salivate! Naturally Enzymatic Air Fresheners work by eliminating odours and reducing new odours. This is powered new revolutionary formulation works enzymatically. Comes concentrated but can be diluted. Lasts for weeks. One spray is all you need for a full size vehicle. Eliminates unpleasant smells and odours.
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Every Sunny Delight® commercial started off exactly the same: three guys in the back yard and one of them says, “Dude I am sooooo thirsty, what do you got to drink in the fridge?” So excited, they run to the fridge, pull open the door and, “Well, we’ve got some soda, some Purple Stuff, and Sunny D®!” Of course they were going to pick Sunny D® in the commercial, but if you came to our house and those were the only choices we had, the only clear choice is that we really shouldn’t be friends. If anyone was like, “What do you got to drink?” and we replied “Well, we’ve got some ketchup, some gravy, toxic waste, or Sunny D®,” you’d say, “Is there any lead in your water, because I hate all four of those.” Personally, we prefer the Purple Stuff. Purple is awesome! Even saying the word “purple” makes you want to smile. When we say “purple,” the first thing that comes to mind is that big grape from the Fruit Of The Loom commercials that was always so damn happy. At Chemical Guys, we like to have fun and be kids. Even though we all watched plenty of commercials as kids, the Sunny D® commercial was one that stuck in our minds! Maybe it’s because we all kind of wondered what if the kids just chugged the purple stuff in the fridge. We love everything about grape drinks and grape sodas, especially that sweet grapey scent. That’s why we developed Purple Stuff Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator. It smells like a delicious grape soda on a warm summer day. When you pop the top on a fresh can and that delicious smell of grape fills the air, all your troubles seem to just melt away. Mist some Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent to purge foul odors from your car, and relive the innocence and fun times of your youth.
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Directions for use
Clean and vacuum any debris and old food or stains that may be imparting foul smells into the automobile interior.
Shake well.
Lightly mist Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent around carpets, cloth upholstery, and under seats.
For AC flushing service: set AC to max cold and recirculate, then mist a few sprays of Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent underneath the recirculation intake under the dashboard on the passenger side.
Enjoy fresh scent.
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