Chemical Guys LAVA Paste Wax Luminous Glow Infusion

Chemical Guys LAVA Paste Wax Luminous Glow Infusion

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Lava is the newest innovation in color enhancing paint protection technology. Designed to bring out the true essence of color on any vehicle, Lava opens your eyes to new shades of colour infusion!
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Open your eyes to a psychedelic detailing experience designed to take your mind to a totally new level of shine; a dream world of radiant color. Here at Chemical Guys we get letters, emails, and phone calls from detailing professionals and enthusiast around the world asking for the epic shine only found in the realm of the imagination. We wanted to take our most exciting paintwork dreams and turn them into a reality while creating a product that would revolutionize shine forever. In order to engineer a product that would supply epic depth and glow while still providing ultimate durability, we had to think outside the box. After months of in-depth lab and field testing and experimentation conducted by various OEMs, detailers, car enthusiasts and Chemical Guys products testers, we found the light. Lava combines innovation and precision engineering with color enhancement technology to truly change the way you view paintwork forever. Lava takes colors to the next level of amazing.
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Directions for use
Wash and decontaminate vehicle with a Chemical Guys premium auto shampoo and clay bar.
Apply a very thin coat of Lava Luminous Glow Infusion using a premium foam applicator pad or by hand.
Allow 20 minute dry time.
Buff off using a premium microfiber towel.
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