Chemical Guys HydroView Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Coating 16oz


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Chemical Guys HydroView Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Coating 16oz

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Makes clean and protecting glass smart, simple, and easy
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HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant in one step that provides the highest level of optical clarity while delivering a smooth and contamination-free surface that instantly sheds water for maximum visibility at all times.


Cleans and protects in one step
Ceramic coating for your glass
Perfect for home, office, and car
Ceramic all weather protection
Helps repel water and rain
Maximizes visibility in all weather conditions
Easy to use ceramic coating protectant
Creates smooth, slick surface that is resistant to water
Makes clean and protecting glass smart, simple, and easy
Keep coated surfaces cleaner longer
Makes cleaning your windows easier next time

All Weather Resistant

Weather can change from one second to the next so having protection where you need it most is crucial! Rain, fog, mist, cloudiness, thunderstorms or rain storms can make it difficult to see through windows and windshields. HydroView creates a smooth and slick surface that helps water and contamination rapidly slide off of the glass surface and doesn’t block or obscure your vision. The cutting edge formula creates a durable ceramic shield that causes water to roll up into tight beads and rapidly accelerate off the surface leaving the perfect view! HydroView not only helps shed water, dirt, grime, and mud to keep your glass cleaner longer, but makes cleaning your glass easier next time.
Directions for use
Shake well. Apply 1 - 3 sprays of HydroView onto microfiber towel if in direct sunlight or directly onto glass if in a shaded area.
Remove dirt and grime using a premium microfiber towel.
Flip the towel over to a clean side, or use a secondary dry microfiber to buff off.
For extra dirty glass, clean first with a dedicated Chemical Guys glass cleaner.
For best results, clay surface prior to application of HydroView.
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