Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine & Trim Dressing/Protectant 500ml


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Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine & Trim Dressing/Protectant 500ml

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Enjoy the gloss enhancers, plus wet look on your tires as well as the paintwork
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The Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 product line took quick detail sprays and car wash soaps to new levels of gloss, shine, and protection. Now detailers everywhere can have the same bright wet shine on tires, textured plastic, and vinyl bumper parts and trim pieces with Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine. Chemical Guys R&D blended a premium oil-based dressing with signature Hybrid V7 optical select gloss enhancers and UV blockers into a slick sprayable formula. Mist a light coat of Hybrid V7 Tire Shine over faded plastic mirrors, bumper parts, grilles, and grates to restore a deep-black new look. Spray a premium foam applicator pad and work Hybrid V7 Tire Shine into any tire sidewall. Make any tire from stanced low-profile tires to nubbly offroad tires look new, fresh, and wet. The easy-to-use formula finishes dry to the touch; simply wipe any excess product to avoid dripping, running, and any tire sling all over the sides of the vehicle once you drive away. Fans of the brilliant luster and deep-wet shine of Hybrid V7 now have the perfect tire shine to compliment their glossy paintwork: Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical Select Wet Tire Shine.
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Directions for use
Clean any exterior textured plastic trim pieces, and rubber tires or window moldings with an all-purpose cleaner and suitable brush/towel.
Remove any dirt, grease, or grime that could block fresh dressing from working deep into the surface. Allow time to dry.
Shake Hybrid V7 Tire Shine.
Spray directly onto a foam applicator pad or detailing brush to avoid overspray on paintwork or pooling in tire treads that lead to tire sling.
Work Hybrid V7 Tire Shine directly into exterior plastic, rubber, and vinyl.
Wait 10 minutes before applying additional coats as needed.
Remove excess with a premium microfiber towel.
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