Chemical Guys Honey Dew Snow Foam 16oz


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Chemical Guys Honey Dew Snow Foam 16oz

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pH balanced luxury pre wash that emulsifies dirt and grime enabling it to be gently lifted off the surface
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The first Hyper-Foaming Snow Foam Carwash that embraces the uniqueness of the Honeydew by combining it with a little Chemical Guys Cleaning Chemistry. We hope you enjoy it.

The unmatched hyper-foaming agents combined with Chemical Guys lubricating agents in Honeydew Snow Foam deliver a truly unmatched super high foaming auto wash that rinses clean delivering a high-shine slick finish.

Chemical Guys Super-Premium Honeydew Snow-Foam is engineered to create millions of tiny close-grouping cleaning bubbles. It can be used as a traditional soap and diluted in a bucket or used with a foam lance to maximise foam coverage to deliver a thick rich blanket of surface caning snow foam.

It is touch of dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants yet gentle on all paint as well as all waxed and sealed surfaces. The pH-neutral formula lifts dirt and grime away from paint where it can be safely rinsed away.

The unique PPM (Parts Per Million) formulation of this emulsion delivers a gradual variety of millions of cleaning bubbles that once foamed onto a surface work fast at lifting abrasive contaminants away from your paints delicate surface. Airborne dust, dirt and grime is encapsulated within the unique hyper-foam emulsion and removed with a sharp jet of water reducing the friction and scratches generally produced by contact washing

It can dilute up to 1:1100 with water ( or approximately 1 cap full with 5 gallons of water. Dilute according to desired needs when using foam lance.

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