Chemical Guys GlossWorkz Glaze


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Chemical Guys GlossWorkz Glaze

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The detailer’s secret for adding tons of extra gloss and shine to any finish is the glaze
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The detailer’s secret for adding tons of extra gloss and shine to any finish is the glaze. Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze is a premium self-leveling glaze that fills micro-scratches, warms the glow, deepens the depth, and enhances the reflection on any vehicle. Use Glossworkz Glaze after a clay bar service, but before applying your sealant or wax coating for extra gloss and shine. Micro-refined oils and leveling agents fill light scratches and swirls to reduce their appearance and enhance reflection. Specialty gloss enhancers brighten shine and enhance the “wet” look on paintwork. Strong UVA/UVB blockers help reject harmful solar rays and maintain the look and integrity of your paint finish for years to come. Glossworkz Glaze is eye candy for your car! One coat of Glossworkz Glaze will make any car look extra shiny, extra wet, and extra smooth. Lock in the exclusive look of Glossworkz Glaze with your favorite Chemical Guys sealant for durable protection over the deep-wet shine. Swirls and scratches are the bane of any detailer’s existence! The only way to “fix” or “remove” scratches is through machine polishing, and removing layers of paint to reveal a flat lustrous surface. For very light or fine scratches, and for delicate paint finishes where polishing is not an option, glazes are perfect to fill minor swirls and imperfections. Glossworkz Glaze is blended with ultra-refined oils that penetrate deep into scratches and reduce their visibility. Once the scratches are filled, the whole surface appears flatter and better reflects light. Glossworkz Glaze fills imperfections, enhances shine and depth, and makes cars look dripping wet!
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Fantastic product would recommend to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to fill the swirls on their paint.
Needed a product to use within one of my valeting services and was recommended this by one of your staff. Fantastic product was super easy to use and has fantastic results brought back the depth and gloss on the clients paint surpassing my expectations. As a bonus is smells amazing!
Review by OB Detailing / (Posted on 02/10/2017)
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