Chemical Guys Extreme Synthetic Detailer

Chemical Guys Extreme Synthetic Detailer

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Chemical Guys Extreme Slick Synthetic Quick Detailer the slickest lubricant and detailer available, and we have no reason to lie.
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The slickest lubricant and detailer available. Formulated using wetting agents and lubricants to give a wet shine and offer a smooth sliding surface for clay. Highly reflective shining agents form an ultra thin protective coat that bonds to waxes and sealants leaving the surface slick, silky and shining.

Dirty Vids
Directions for use
As A Quick Detail Or Maintenance Spray:

When using in very hot direct sunlight always mist on towel not surface, this will eliminate a hot surface from drying the product before you have an opportunity to even touch it with a towel.
Simply mist on towel or surface.
For the best results, use a microfiber towels to attract dust and minimize the risk of scratching.
Do not use the same towel on your paint and glass that you have used on your wheels, wipe off with clean towel or microfiber towel.
Mist after washing, while drying or anytime to for a fast dry with a superior shine.
Excellent when sprayed on towel and used to remove creme or paste waxes that have hardened.
Superior surface shine when used as a final cleaner to remove smudges or smears left behind from waxing or sealing.
As A Clay Bar Lubricant:

Wash surface well with Premium Car wash Shampoo prior to claying a surface.
Shake well.
Work in areas about the size of a car door or half the hood.
Generously spray a light mist over clean surface.
The objective is to keep the paint surface and clay well lubricated with the liquid detailer so the bar picks up the embedded debris in your paint but yet can still glide smoothly across the surface without the risk of scratching the surface.
Continue lightly rubbing the clay over the surface until it moves freely.
Occasionally wipe off any residue with a towel and proceed to the next areas.
If clay is hard to move or appears to resist easy wipe off, re-mist the cleaned area, then spray lubricant liberally over surface.
For deeper cleaning when clay barring, only use Clay lube and never shampoo and water. This will extend the life of your clay bar as well as offer superior surface lubricity providing a nice slick surface for the clay to slide across.
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