Chemical Guys Decon Iron Remover 16ozs


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Chemical Guys Decon Iron Remover 16ozs

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  • Why Buy This Product? 

  • Reacts with iron deposits to neutralize bond with porous surfaces 

  • Formula neutralizes the reactions that cause rust and paint failure caused by hot brake dust particles 

  • Iron catalyst turns purple once reaction is complete 

  • pH-balanced formula safe for all wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome, and glass 

  • Add to wheel-cleaning arsenal to remove toughest stuck on brake dust and contaminants 

  • Finish the car wash process with DeCon Pro, then follow up with clay bar service for thorough decontamination during a full detail

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DeCon Pro removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and lower body panels. Brake dust contains shards of iron and steel from brake rotors, brake pad friction material, and burnt carbon left over after intense braking. This material gets sprayed out from the brakes and embeds itself into wheels, lower body panels, undercarriage parts, and all over nearby vehicles. This brake dust is corrosive and abrasive, and without proper and quick removal, it causes a chemical reaction that leads to permanent rust damage, or scratches and swirl marks from improper cleaning. Chemical Guys DeCon Pro is a speciality gel that releases iron deposits and other ferrous metal contamination from automotive surfaces, then neutralizes the corrosive chemical reaction that leads to rust and paint failure. Speciality iron catalysts react with ferrous metals and turn purple once the chemical reaction releases embedded contamination from painted surfaces. DeCon Pro is the only pH-balanced cleaner that removes deep contamination you can’t even see. Add DeCon Pro to your wheel cleaning arsenal to remove tough brake dust from wheels, brake rotors and callipers, and undercarriage parts. Decontaminate painted surfaces, polished metals, and glass during a full detail for a deep and thorough clean you can see and feel. Break down the worst brake dust and embedded iron deposits before they destroy your paint with DeCon Pro.

Change You Can See On Contamination You Can’t

Microscopic brake dust and embedded iron particles may not always be visible to the eye, but the contamination actively destroys vehicles every day. DeCon Pro sprays on clear and changes colour to deep purple once the catalyst reaction has released and neutralized iron corrosion from vehicle surfaces. Performance braking systems use carbon-ceramic or kevlar pads to generate tons of heat and stop the fastest modern cars in their tracks. The enormous braking force peels off billions of tiny steel shards from brake rotors, and spews burnt pad material and carbon all over vehicle surfaces and into the air. Freight and passenger trains use similar braking systems and kick up enormous amounts of rail dust into the air. Brand new vehicles transported by rail often arrive at their destination completely covered in iron dust that must be removed before the vehicle can be sold. DeCon Pro easily removes embedded iron contamination, saves sensitive paint and polished surfaces from caustic cleaning chemicals, and from abrasive cleaning techniques.

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