Carolyn Scirocco

So I stumbled across Juicy after bumping into Stuart in the cafe down the road and initially bought a starter kit and DAS6 polisher for Christmas a couple of years back.

Since then the obsession with us both has grown and we now have quite a collection of products (just as well seeing as I seem to be washing the car every weekend!!).

The Scirocco is midnight blue, registration Jan 2011 and has been treated with the following:

Wheels - Bilt Hamber to clean the nasty stuff off and sealed with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard (love the smell of that stuff!)

paintwork has been pre-washed using juicy own snow foam! then washed using the 2 bucket method and Chemcial Guys Maxi Suds. Lee got rid of some swirls using CG V36 and V38 with a DA Polisher. Lee has also used the Dodo Juice clay bar kit and it currently has CG Blacklight and a couple of coats of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet wax on as a top wax.

Interior (although I didn't take any shots) I used the Chemical Guys Natural Shine for the dashboard and I am a big fan of the CG Cherry Air freshener.

I am noticing a pattern here towards Chemical Guys stuff.......

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