Juicylicious June Freebies!

Finally it seems like warmer days have arrived in the UK and we can start to enjoy spending more time working and driving our cars, except I'm not sure about you but our cars are being plagued with loads of pollen (oh the joys of living around trees!).

Our June offers for you this month are a choice of a Valet Pro Large detailing brush which is great to use on all the nooks and crannies around your vehicle such as badges; brake callipers; trims and much more. Made from soft boar hairs so its even gentle enough for you to work on more delicate areas. Just remember to rinse the bristles off once you have finished your job to prolong the life of the brush.

Second is a sample size bottle of Dodo Juice's excellent window cleaner Clearly Menthol. I really rate this product highly as it doesn't leave any smears or streaks behind giving you optimal clarity which is even more important on these sunny days we are having plus it smells great. Team it up with Dodo's window waffle weave cloth "The Mint Merkin" (what a name!) and you've got a winning combination. An ideal size to keep in your door pocket in case of any nasty bird bombs or if you are like me an a little anal about clean windows for when you need to pull over in a lay-by and get that smudge or dust off :)

The third gift option when you spend over £50 is a little smell of heaven. We all love that scent of new leather and this cheeky bird brings not only the smell of a new car but looks funky too. Who can resist the Mr Skittle's "Leather Gimp", either hang it from your mirror or for a more intense smell hide him under your seat.

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