May Juicy Offers

Choices of free gift this month when you spend over £50.00 prior to postage are either option Aour Juicy double sided Noodle Microfibre Wash Mitts (of course it had to be in bright yellow). These are great for using on both the paintwork or alloys; and easy to maintain.
Option B is brand new to us and its a great versatile brush that you can actually use for either cleaning the tyres in conjunction with an APC (All Purpose Cleaner) prior to applying your dressing (cleaning prior means that your dressing will be more durable) or if you would prefer you can use it internally to help clean off stubborn dried on debris on your carpets and mats.
Our final item Option C is a 250ml bottle of Autobrite Direct Enrich Correct It Polish suitable for either a Dual Action or Rotary machine polisher. It is a medium grade cutting polish offering both elements of cut and gloss, to assist in the removal of swirls and scratches.

Thank you for your orders last month, we had the freebies flying out the door and in fact sold out of the Chemical Guys JDM Air Freshener and had to substitute for another scent! We have a couple of the key rings and lanyards left over so these will shortly be added to the website from today if you missed out and would love one. 

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