March Spring Rewards 2019

Happy first day of Spring! We have simplified this months offers as we had a little bit of confusion over having too much choice, therefore its much more straight forward and we hope that this works out better for both you and us here at Juicy!

Option A - Dodo Juice Diamond White (sorry no alcohol content for those that remember the drink but it does smell lovely of white liquorice!), 30ml pot of wax suitable for coloured cars such as white, silver and greys. There is more than enough for over a couple of coats of wax from this pot and it will last you around 3-4 months protection.

Option B - Dodo Juice Blue Velvet 30ml pot of wax. This one smells like blueberries to me and its a dark seductive colour suitable for darker cars such as blues and black. Again you will get quite a bit from this little pot as you need to apply waxes as thinly as possible to the point of invisibility so don't be put off by its smallness. Its like the Tardis! Durability is the same as above 3-4 months so it will take you nicely into the summer, warmer months that we all look forward too!

Option C - Five of our fantastic Juicy All Purpose Microfibres. You can't go wrong with spare cloths and this are great "working" ones, suitable for polishing and buffing off products. Even for glass and giving that interior a good going over. These are definitely a staple detailing item.

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