Welcome to our new Juicy Detailing website!

Hi everyone well its been a long time coming but finally we have launched our new website! Our previous site had been running for around three years since we first started and we felt that it was about time we had a refresh.  Working with a brand new web design company; learning from experience and comments from our customers we hope that we can now bring you a more user friendly and easy to navigate site.  Not only do we have a new brand on board Autobrite Direct which is proving very popular, we are of course looking to bring others along and continue to offer the best value for money on all detailing products.

I still live by the ethos that detailing doesn't have to be serious all the time so we are still being tongue and cheek which has always made us individual in the market and brought smiles to our customers. I have refreshed some of the detailing guides (although not all complete as yet) which are far more comprehensive than in the past and I hope that these will help to answer the majority of questions you may have, but I will always be on hand to speak through our Ask Me Anything section.

So if you've not had chance to have a look around the place yet, why not take five now to see what we've done!

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