During our period of heaving snow here in Durham the Audi TTRS was garaged but unfortunately a neighbours cat decided to go in without us knowning....7 days later it was discovered

For those cat lovers (which I was before) it was fine, hungry but nothing else physically wrong.

As for the TTRS the cat has been putting it's cute little paws and claws all over and its now covered with some lovely scratches where its been jumping up off the floor on the the back and then the roof.

So I've been giving it some TLC and now it looks on white are always hard as the reflection on the paintwork affects the camera.

As the TT is rarely dirty there are no befores and I didnt have chance to take any close up of the scratches..sorry. Heres some after shots

Audi TTRS  Audi TTRS

Audi TTRS  Audi TTRS

Reflection from roof

Audi TTRS  Audi TTRS

Reflection from the bonnet


and the wheels....ooooohhh shiny


To detail the TT I used the Dodo Juice Spin Doctor with a 3M 125mm and 75mm backing plate combined with 5.5" and 4" Hex Logic Green cutting pads and White polishing pads.

I am currently trialling some new polish, pre-wax and wax that we are considering stocking so of course I had to try it out! I will update the information once we have them in.

Sadly we say goodbye to the TTRS tomorrow (07/01/2011) as its going on to pastures new so this was my final farewell to an amazing car that will be sorely missed, especially the 400bhp Cry. I just hope the new owners will look after it like a baby as we have and the dealer has been given strict instructions not to valet it with their dirty yellow sponges.

As for the tiTTyaRSe's replacement I'm rather excited as we will more than likely be one of the first detailers to get their hands on......

Another Juicy Teaser for you

4 Rings

5 Cylinders

5 doors

and 340 bhp

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