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Detailing Guides

This is where you can find out everything to keep your pride and joy cared for properly and ensures it is kept that way!

Car cleaning is one of those subjects that everyone has an opinion on as we have all cleaned a car before and can tell you how it’s done, however due to changes in technology and knowledge it has become quite complicated. No longer is the yellow sponge, fairy liquid and chamois an acceptable way due to the damage that it can cause your investment. However saying that it is not rocket science and with comprehensive reading, simple instructions and guidance you can achieve some amazing results.

We have tried to address all the areas of keeping your car spick and span and will of course continue to add to this as time progresses. If you find that these do not answer your specific questions then please feel free to contact Juicy Jen on the Ask Me Anything Section.

Short Step by Step Guide Car Washing & Drying Polish & Correction Claying & Decontamination

Short Step by Step Guide

We are often asked for a "Quicky Guide" of how to detail a car, so here it is...for more indepth information please take a look at the other guides available.


Washing & Drying

Regular car washing helps to remove the layer of surface pollutants that can damage the paint surface, such as dust, dirt, bugs, road salt and iron particles and helps keep your paintwork pristine.

Polish & Correction

You may think that spending a few quid in a car wash each week will keep your motor looking like new. This Guide has yet to be revised from our old Juicy Site.


Claying & Decontamination

Cars, like people, suffer in polluted environments and it is not unusual for surfaces on your vehicles to become rough under hand even though these may be microscopic.


Waxing Wheels & Tyres  Interior Cleaning  Microfibre

Waxing & Sealants

A girl like's to wax - so why shouldn't your car?There are many pollutants that will damage your paintwork, and a good way of protecting it is by applying a protective layer. This Guide has yet to be revised from our old Juicy Site.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels suffer most in terms of the bonded contaminats they encounter. They are not only the closest to road debris, but the brake dust which will constantly surround them is hot, so more likely to stick to the alloy surface. This Guide has yet to be revised from our old Juicy Site.

Interior, Plastics & Glass Cleaning

The interior of your car can have many different types of materials and surfaces to look after which all need to be treated in a particular manner. Although these are not open to the harsh environment like the exterior of your car.

Explaining Microfibres & Applicators

A microfibre is an ultra fine fibre with less than one denier per filament. This makes it a fraction of the width of a human hair! This Guide has yet to be revised from our old Juicy Site.

Engine Bay Detailing Soft Top Cleaning Dodo Juice Waxes Guide Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Pads

Engine Bay Detailing

So you've perfected and spent hours on the outside of your car, but what about the engine bay? Although this is an area that is not seen very often unless you attend lots of shows and have done numberous modifications.....

Cleaning & Protecting Soft Tops

Owning a convertable car with a soft top requires you to look after this particular part separately.  Here is a handy guide on how to clean and further more most importantly keep it protected from the elements. This Guide has yet to be revised from our old Juicy Site.

Dodo Juice Waxes Guide

There is now a wide range of waxes available from Dodo Juice which can make it a liitle confusing to understand which is right for your needs.  Here you can find out all you need to know and help you select the right one.

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Pads

Hex Logic have a wide range of pads and this can sometimes lead to some confusion about which pads do what and what you need. Here you will find a full description on what each pad does and more.....

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