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Detailing Gallery

Examples  Vs  Candy White Seat Leon FR Vs Sepang Audi TTRS Vs Audi S3


A quick preview of some of the correction details we have done

Vs Candy White Seat Leon

Stuart recenty purchased a Candy White Leon FR which is a typical example of a vehicle that has been washed using either the automatic car washes or cheap roadside services. As he uses his car as a daily ride we had limited time to enhance the paintwork....

Vs Sepang Audi TTRS 

Andrew (Abyss) collected his Sepang TTRS a couple of months ago which we managed to get booked in for the second week in February. Now generally speaking he keeps the car immaculate, however this was how it arrived! 

Vs Audi S3

You may remember back in 2010 I mentioned in my blog that we had purchased a 58 plate Audi S3 in black shapphire. At long last I have completed my mammoth detail and she is now once again a black beauty....

Vs Audi TTRS Vs Herc's Astra Vs Arden Astra VXR  Vs Black Zafira 

Vs Audi TTRS

During our period of heavy snow here in Durham the Audi TTRS was garaged but unfortunately a neighbours cat decided to go in without us knowing....7 days later it was discovered. For those cat lovers (which I was before!) it was fine, hungry but nothing else physically wrong....

Vs Herc's Astra

I was asked by Ian aka Herc from Astra Owners Network to give his car some deperately needed tender loving care. As he works down in Milton Keynes during the week his black Vauxhall astra sri 1.9 150 was starting to look a little sad (particularly more so as he was making it that extra little.....

Vs Arden Astra VXR

As a well known member off Astra Owners Network recently purchased a new Vauxhall astra VXR and I offered my services to give her car a good going over before she attended Performance Vauxhall Show.  Its an ex demo car so not been treated the best....

Vs Black Zafira

This customer originally came in looking for a tuning module for his car and asked me to take a look over his Zafira as he'd recently purchased it ans thought it could do with some work, so here is how it arrived.....

Vs Peugeot 206 SW

Vs Peugeot 206 SW

Well the mother in law decided that she was going away on holiday so I took the opportunity to get my hands on her car. Its never been cleaned properly, lives outside and the only thing they have ever used on it is Pro Shine - Spray and Shine, so take a seven year old Peugeot 206....

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